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    Health is my passion and number 1 priority. When I have unwavering health both physically and emotionally, only then can I fully serve others.




I have been teaching essential oil classes and workshops nationwide since 2014, they never cease to amaze me for the difference they make to families for health and wellbeing.


We all want to be able to offer our children healthcare that is natural, safe, organic and without side effects. I partnered with dōTERRA because they are the only oil company to third-party test every single bottle of oil so that I know the oils are safe but also extremely potent, containing no adulterations.   


Essential Oils give you the tools to be able to transform to a more natural way of living by harnessing the wisdom of nature. There are no mistakes or surpluses in nature, they are a precious gift that are incredibly well-researched for their health properties so I encourage you to come on a journey with me and learn more about essential oils.

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