Join us and be mentored in a fulfilling, profitable business, doing what you love so that you bring joy to what you do.

  • Are you passionate about natural health?

  • Have you been on a health journey pursuing remedies to support you and your loved ones?

  • Have you been on a health journey pursuing remedies to support you and your loved ones?

  • Are you a Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist, Alternative Therapist who would like to know how to make an additional income?

  • Would you like to work with a community of like-minded passionate souls who thrive helping others?

I love to work with people who have had their own powerful experiences with doTERRA essential oils so that you build an authentic business that is product focused.

Vanessa Woozley

I started my doTERRA journey several years ago, knowing that it would complement what I was already doing with my health business, little did I know at the time the impact that it would have for Mamma’s and their families. I quickly became driven to share the message of how oils can offer support to health and well-being so that Mamma’s had a greater availability of choice in how they manage their health. In 2 years, I built my business to become a Diamond Leader in the UK, I continue to share the oils with the same enthusiasm which has never waned but now it gives me immense pleasure to help others find the same rewarding career.

    Work at you own pace with your chosen commitment matched to your goals.

    • You may just want to pay for you oils


    • Share with family and friends or supplement your current business


    • Build a career and full-time business

    Let me inspire you what I love about this business.

    • Working for an ethical company, driven by how they can help more communities out of poverty around the world, NOT putting profit before people

    • Testimonials come back to me daily with how essential oils have impacted their family

    • I work long hours doing what I love and therefore the hours I work are my choice

    • I am able to take my daughter to school every day

    • I found my tribe of health enthusiasts that have become my friends and work colleagues, we share ideas and inspire one another

    • Working with women that seek to elevate and help to rise up each other’s voices (not in competition (often encouraged in our society)

    • There is uncapped potential growing this business, I am in control of my destiny

    • That I have grown spiritually and emotionally with this role





    “The focus has always been on helping other mums find natural solutions for their families to help transform the health of the next generation. I realize we are at a critical time on this planet for a change in health both physically and mentally, and doTERRA is a powerful vehicle to make this happen.”

    In whatever capacity, if this inspires you please get in touch to learn more about what this business can offer you