Are you ready to start a natural health journey and join our growing community? If you haven't attended one of my FREE classes to learn why essential oils are revolutionising healthcare solutions

If you are now ready to purchase some oils, let me tell you everything that is included so you know you will be supported and feel confident using your oils for you and your loved ones.

  • A 10 day Oil Camp to fast-track your oil knowledge

  • Access to our closed Facebook Group - Wellbeing with Essential Oils - continued education takes place here weekly from the team to support you

  • A free App to guide you with oil use (usually purchased for £8)

  • A free personalised wellness consultation online or in person with follow up 3 months later

  • Step 1:

    Choose one of the kits that you would like to start with, need some help no problem, click here for some more support

  • Step 2:

  • Step 3:

    Choose your language, your region (Europe for the UK) and then your country

  • Step 4:

    Choose the Wholesale Customer option

  • Step 5:

    Fill in your personal details and choose
    Dublin, Edinbugh, London (GMT + 0:00) or other timezone
    Enter your date of birth so doTERRA can authenticate you with customer service

  • Step 6:

     At enroller and sponsor please add my number 2128947 (please make it verifies my name so that I can support you going forward

  • Step 7:

    Choose whichever kit suits your requirements, the wholesale account will give you 25% off additional purchases. The most popular kit (the one I started with) is the Home Essentials Kit – it covers 95% of your at home health challenges but offers excellent value and a FREE diffuser (I use this every day!)

  • Step 8:

    Finalise your shipping and payment options. Click “Process order now and continue”

Click here to book your wellness consultation for further personalised FREE support with your oils and holistic health advice.

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