How to Build Immunity for Protection and Recovery from COVID


As more people experience COVID to varying degrees, how does this make you feel?

 – fearful, anxious, nervous, unprepared?


  • Are you feeling the fear of what “could” happen creeping into areas of your life?
  • Do you feel like you need to prepare but don’t know where to start researching?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information available?

Do you know more people in your inner circle now experiencing COVID?


Would you like some guidance about how to be prepared if you contract the virus but also how to build a stronger immune system so that you can withstand emotional and physical adversity?

Ananta Kranti

Mentor, Facilitator, Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher 

(all of it and none of it!)

Ananta has dedicated the last 30  years to living a Spiritual life, alongside studying and embodying Natural Health practices in various forms and healing modalities.  Her own Healing journey began at the  Osho Commune International, India where she went on to work as a Trauma and Bodywork therapist coupled with a deep exploration into the Nature of the Body-Mind-Spirit. She also learned how to heal herself through cleansing and detoxing, diet and nutrition, including Divine healing,  Ayurvedic practices and TCM.


For over 20 years Ananta’s Life & work has been dedicated to the Awakening of Human Consciousness, holding embodied Awareness Retreats Internationally. She also offers private consultations.

Vanessa Woozley

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach, NLP and EFT Practitioner

Vanessa realised the power of a conscious health journey when she healed her daughter from chronic eczema and in the process addressed her own long-term health symptoms. She has dedicated the last two decades to experimenting with every cleanse, diet and lifestyle hack so that she can live in optimum health despite a toxic world. Learning these health tools allows her to share protocols, helping people discover what it means to live in vibrant health but also in harmony with the Earth.


Teaching large nationwide workshops on how to thrive with natural health, Vanessa also sees clients personalising the approach, to dive deeper into the unique journey for each client. 

Understanding Health

Bombarded by news and social media, we understand that this creates confusion and miss-trust.  We know that people are unsure about what they CAN do to help support their immune system. Both of us, in our health journey, have experienced some of the health challenges that you are likely now facing, so we appreciate your health concerns.

Our Promise

We can’t promise, that you won’t catch COVID but we CAN promise to offer decades of experience and learning so you know HOW to upgrade your immune system. We can share simple and effective protocols to ensure you feel confident and empowered with whatever challenges arise for you and your loved ones. We will also dive deep into some of those emotions that are arising around how you feel about this virus. 

Immune Support for Protection and Recovery

  • When Ananta caught COVID, the recovery and improvements were supported by her research, knowledge and preparation. She had all the education and tools in place that even travelled with her. When she was staying at Vanessa’s house and started to feel unwell, she could implement the strategies involved quickly, this made a huge impact on how she felt. Although journeys are often different, Ananta will be able to share what to look out for and what to expect to feel on certain days.

  • Vanessa and her daughter Scarlett returned to the house and started prevention strategies -  supplements, healthy organic nutrition, water, prioritising rest / sleep and lots more. They showed no symptoms of COVID despite being in close contact with Ananta.

  • These 2 journeys will be able to offer an incredible insight into what it is to be in relationship with COVID from 2 different perspectives.


"I am extremely grateful for the education I received this weekend from both Ananta & Vanessa. I feel that what I learned in just a couple of days was outstanding in the valuable information & ways offered that support & build a stronger immune system. Both of these teachers are very well informed about the practices & products they shared with us, from their many years of study, research & personal experience caring for their own health as well as the many individuals they have helped over the years. I particularly appreciated the comprehensive discussions of each herb, nutritional support & product, including usage, dosage, timing, forms of substance, any precautions if applicable & where they can be purchased. Ample time was provided for any questions or concerns to be addressed or clarified & I would highly recommend this program for anyone desiring to be better prepared, should they experience the covid virus."



"Overall an excellent course. I learned a lot of information that will help me not only with Covid but also other health issues. Thank you."



Would you like to learn more about how to upgrade your immunity?

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